Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Loréal Paris - Day and Night cream ♥

Lovely Emily inspired me to write about this topic!

my favourite day and night cream 

Collagen Re-Plumper Day Cream

Loréal Paris Collagen Re-Plumper Day Cream is my new favourite drugstore day cream. I have just purchased what will be my 3rd pot and cannot break the habit of using it even though I have a few different unopened moisturisers waiting in the wings itching to be used. I think it is never to early to start using a good moisturising cream. Some people may think that a product from the drugstore does not help as much as a high end product... But this does definitely not apply for this beautiful creme. L’Oreal Paris symbolizes luxury and glamorous, accessible to every woman that requires the best when it comes to beauty. I believe that this creme is a Must Have. 

Usually my skin does not approve when I change my skincare routine to often, but when I changed to this product my skin was more than happy. My skin is for the most part dry with an occasional ‘normal’ day here and there, so my thirsty skin absolutely adores the thick consistency of the soft white cream. Because the cream is really rich, I tend to use only a minimal amount of product on my clean face morning & evening. Now you might ask me why I use this cream at night because it is a 'day creme'. Because the Collagen Re-Plumper Night Cream is even richer and more moisturising, I only occasonally use the Night Cream when my skin is extremly dry or in the colder months of the year. Also If your skin is oily or you tend to get breakouts, I would recommend using the day cream at night as well.

 It is a really nice bonus to have collagen in your day and night cream because Collagen is made up of protein fibres responsible for the structure of the skin and when you get older these fibres change and become less efficient at providing support… and the signs of ageing will appear. 

Both creams leave my skin not only looking fresher but also feeling softer.I use small circular motions to apply the product onto my face and neck and I tend to wait about 5 minutes before applying makeup over the top to give the rich formula time to sink in properly. Since I have started using this product I feel like my skin is addicted to it. It's a nice decent light cream that leaves a soft satin-matte finish, definitely not greasy but not true matte either. The product is delicately scented with a cosmetic fragrance which is really pleasant, it is really soft and smells great. 

Product description by Loréal
' L’Oréal Paris Collagen Re-Plumper Day and Night are innovative hydrating formulas enriched with collagen that leave skin feeling smoother and plumper. The creams deliver a daily amount of pure collagen to help reduce wrinkles and give skin back its bounce.' 

Last but not least I will have to say that these products will last you quite a long time since they are really rich and work great together. I also have a more 'expensive' / high end day cream which I love, and occasionally use. I will review this cream in one of my next posts.



  1. you are absolutely amazing! thank you so much for making a post on this :D i will definitely go try this next time i'm at the store!

  2. I must try it then! thank you so much for following dear:)) I am now following you too on bloglovin!!:) sorry that it took me so long to answer!:( but I always follow back!:)) keep in touch darling! by the way, I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!


  3. Well, we have our favorite facial cream to use. I feel really happy and excited whenever I apply cream on my face, and for the fact that I’m getting great results, makes me even happier!

    Renetta Grier

  4. I was thinking about getting some night cream, I might give this one a try

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