Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year, new start, new me?

New year , new start, new me? Yes that's right.  I have decided that a new date, and the start of a new year, will help me to make a fresh entrance back into a reorganized life. I have noticed  that my life has been getting a tiny, little bit out of control. BUT- it's not to late to take the helm back. I am the captain of my decisions and I have to make them more wisely.And Since the Year 2012 came to an end I have been thinking about what I want to achieve and what changes I want to make in 2013.

Many people have New Year resolutions. So do I. But sadly, I've had the same ones for a couple of years, because I do not only make them, I also break them.
 There is a little devil and a little angel sitting on my shoulder and here is what they are telling me over and over again:  

Eat more healthy (I know you are a student and currently moved into your own flat but this is no excuse to order pizza every other night, or to ignore the vegetable section in your local grocery store --> extreme example.) Plus a New Years Resolutions list is not complete without it saying " I need to loose weight!" 

Please start the Yoga class you have been wanting to start for ages. If you don't do it now...well then we will have to tell you the same thing again in 2014. 

In order to be successful at university, you have to plan your day/week/month better. Would it not be nice to go to bed, calm and happy and satisfied? Feeling happy about what you achieved that day? Feeling more balanced, positive and motivated for the next one? 

Surround yourself with positive thinking people, who are motivated and active.  This will not only help you to brighten up your day but also to stay motivated and focused.

And last but not least, share your experience with people who have the same opinion about how beautiful and wonderful life can be. This is why I created this wonderful little and lovely blog. I hope someone will stumble across it somehow, and enjoy it. I have to admit that I have been extremely motivated by a couple of bloggers and also some youtubers. I feel that this is an amazing opportunity to join the wonderful club ;)

So now you know my plan for the year 2013. I think and hope I am already on a good path. Do you have any ideas how you want to make your life more beautiful? Please let me know, maybe I can add some things to my list! 

I hope you are having a great start of 2013. 


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