Saturday, January 5, 2013

Soap and Glory - Face Soap & Clarity

Before I started using this product I must have been living under a rock, or in some kind of cave. But I am proud to announce that I crawled out. Well, it looks like the heavens have finally opened up and answered my prayers! Imagine a face wash and cleanser all in one product that leaves your skin so darn soft and clean that you can feel and see results instantly. Add a lovely plumy smell and some soft exfoliating beads which give your mind and your skin a great wake-up-call in the morning. 

What is this all-in-one miracle you ask?
Soap and Glory's Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Facial Wash of course. 


This has lived up to the hype, unlike most blogging favourites. The Soap & Glory face soap & clarity, foaming face wash, is by far one of the best products I've used in a long time.

I never had problems with my skin, never broke out just had a few spots on my nose or forehead once in a while. But never the less I wanted my skin to look fresh, clean and young. This is why I marched into my local drugstore to pick up this fantastic soap. I used it the same day and saw results instantly. The pores around my nose appeared smaller, my skin felt fresh and clean, and the soft beads massaged my skin and gave it a healthy, beautiful glow. The fresh smell of this product was to die for, and woke me up like no other face wash. I now use it every morning, and I think my skin is addicted.

On my nose my skin is a little oily but the rest of my face is rather dry. No problem for this all-in-one miracle. It gets rid of the oil and is gentle to your dry skin areas. Once you own this product you can throw out all the other soaps and cleansers that are sitting in your bathroom, because this foaming face wash works beautifully on every skin and will do the job, I guarantee.
The Face Soap is really easy to use, as it is a gel formula with little pink micro beads to gently exfoliate your skin, and it didn't take too long to work into a lather. (foolproof!)

And another amazing thing about this product: You will get 150ml/ 5 FL.OZ for £7.00 / 16$ so it will hardly break the bank.

 Clarity, is a non drying foaming facial wash with Superfruit Plum, skin brightening complex. Has this worked for me? Oh hell yeah!

Find this beauty here.



  1. wow, that looks fabulous - i'll have to try that out :)


  2. That looks lovely going to have to buy it now!
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  3. I wonder if you can find this product in South Africa, looks great! Thanks for the post!

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  4. I definitely feel tempted to try it out!! ahaah:) thank you so much dear:)) I am now following you too on GFC!!:) would you like to also follow each other on twitter, facebook and bloglovin?? let me know darling:))


  5. Hi there, what a well written review, and the product sounds wonderful too. You speak five languages??! Impressive! I love your positivity...following now :) x

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  7. Oooo I think I need to get to Boots and buy this!!


  8. Sounds like a great product :) I love Soap & Glory

  9. i am looking for a night cream for my face, and i was wondering if you had any recommendations :)